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Frequently Asked Questions

Much like a personal loan, a typical business loan involves borrowing a sum of money upfront from a lender. The key difference is that the money is borrowed on behalf of a business, although you may be personally liable. You will then repay the loan amount, including any interest, over an agreed length of time. Timeframes can range from a few months to several years.

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Business funding amounts vary from lender to lender. You can apply to borrow between £5,000 and £750,000, depending on your circumstances.
To qualify for a small business loan, you need to meet the minimum criteria of the lender, which may include your personal and business credit scores, cash flow and income, and years of operation. You also need to provide various documents, such as personal identification, tax returns, bank statements and financial accounts.
Business loans can be used to fund a range of long- and short-term priorities, including: Refurbishing or extending business premises, such as hotels and restaurants Buying new equipment, such as vehicles, technology, or software programs Hiring staff to meet increased demands or create new opportunities Buying stock to fulfil large orders, diversify products, or take advantage of discounts Covering urgent or unexpected costs, like tax or repair bills Bridging gaps in lengthy payment terms
Yes it is possible to get a business loan if your business has bad credit
The answer is, yes, in some cases, it could. A business loan may impact your personal credit score if you run a sole proprietorship or partnership. It may also impact that score if you personally guarantee the business account in any capacity.
Yes in most cases the interest you pay on your business loan is tax deductible
Yes subject to further information about you and your business
The interest rate you’ll be offered will depend on a number of factors including the amount you’re borrowing, the length of the term, and the size of the loan in relation to the value of the assets you’re using as security. The smaller the loan as a percentage of the assets, the more competitive the interest rate will be.
Each lender provides details about what would happen in this event and these would be clearly communicated before committing to their facility.
Elements of a loan structure include loan to value (LTV), interest rate, amortisation period, and collateral security requirements.
A secured business loan is a type of financing that requires you to use business assets as security. Assets used often include commercial property, vehicles, land or machinery. Many business loans will, however, only require a personal guarantee to be taken as security.
You repay a business loan in monthly instalments over the agreed term. Each month you’ll pay back a portion of the amount borrowed, plus interest. If your loan has a fixed interest rate, your interest payments will remain the same for the term of the loan.

The cost of a business loan or line of credit is determined by four factors: Principal: The total amount your business borrows. Interest: The cost of borrowing a business loan. Annual percentage rate (APR): The annual cost of a loan expressed as a percentage. The APR includes both interest and fees.

Depending on the type of loan you can have multiple business loans, but this would depend on your circumstances and the lenders involved
The term on your business loan will vary depending on the lender and the loan deal you choose.
Once you accept your offer you will receive the money into your account – typically within 48 hours, however, timescales can vary between lenders and can be longer than this
Many lenders will provide a loan calculator, however, the loan repayment calculations will be provided at the outset
No, business loans are not generally considered business income, as it is money that you have borrowed and are paying back as opposed to money that the company has earned.
  • Could allow you to grow your business
  • Boost cashflow
  • You keep full control of your company
  • Potentially favourable interest rates compared to credit cards

The cost of borrowing: You’ll need to budget for repayments, interest, and any additional fees. Some lenders charge for arranging the loan, as well as early repayment fees if you settle ahead of time

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